Join the Team

Bodyplan was founded in 2015 with a mission to help the world become healthy & fit. 

We are a brother-sister founding team (@arlaxh and @mxhaxho) with a huge passion for health & fitness. We love exercising and after many years of trial & error we discovered that the best workout plan is the one that, well, you actually do. 

Consistency in fitness (as in all things in life) is key, but in order for one to be consistent with fitness the stars have to align - it has to be a plan you CAN do given your lifestyle and equipment, one that you enjoy enough to come back to do multiple times a week and one that gives you the results you're looking for (whether they're physical and mental).

To make our vision become a reality we've partnered with many fitness experts to bring you a variety of plans to fit your body goals. Over time we will be adding new content to fit various needs.

We want to make fitness super accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We want to be the personal trainer you can afford. We are in the early stages so please bear with us - for feedback or if you'd like to help us, please contact us below!